Our Community of Farmers!

We work with the most experienced and adorable farmers in the world!

Unlike other olive plantations in the rest of the world that source their olives from huge farms, harvested on strict schedules by machines, our olives are sourced by dozens of local farmers who live, work and support our community and harvest with their bare hands! Each farmer’s land has been in the family for centuries and was passed on to each subsequent generation along with their personal trade-secrets on how to grow the perfect olives!

Each farmer decides when to harvest, how to trim and nourish their own trees. And of course each farmer thinks he has found the perfect way to do it, which may cause some heated discussions over their morning espresso coffee break at the local bars! But there is one thing they all agree on: no pesticides, no chemicals, no herbicides! Our health is after all, the most important possession we have!

Sourcing from hundreds of small farmers instead of one mega-plantation causes more work: higher costs and expenses, more paperwork, more quality checks and quite frankly, more headaches! But we would not have it any other way! We live, breathe and depend upon each other and we are proud to collaborate with such amazing, hard-working generational farmers!


When you purchase Papa Vince’s products, you don’t just support our business, you support our whole community! You allow us to pay these hard working men a fair wage for their spectacular labors of love and to give the next generation a hope of employment for their future right here, in our own community!