Our Golden Nectar!

Humans have been pressing olives to enjoy its nectar for over 6000 years! There are thousands of different types of olive varieties worldwide. Italy alone has over 500 registered cultivars (cultivated varieties) for oil and table olives production.

What makes our Nocellara del Belice cultivar stand out from the competition? With its larger, naturally plumper size, our olives have more meat to them which in turn releases the most fragrant, robust and delicious tasting oil! It’s perfectly balanced between fresh and fruity but also full-bodied with a peppery kick! It's a fantastic addition raw on your finished meals and salads, but also, given it's very high smoking point, a perfect oil for sautéing and frying.

Our EVOO is extra high in very healthy polyphenols, and very low in acidity which helps combat bad cholesterol and even lower blood sugars!

We refuse to blend our Nocellara del Belice oil with lower grade oils to compete with lower prices on the market or to increase our profits. We stand firm in our values: to bring you the best oil our region has to offer, in its purest form, thereby respecting and paying tribute to our traditions and to our beloved land!